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Perler Bead Pattern Pumuckl


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Bead Colors/Quantity

  • White (11)
  • Red (137)
  • Green (105)
  • Black (13)
  • Reddish brown (103)
  • Translucent black (18)
  • Beige (261)
  • Burgundy (1)
  • Fluorescent yellow (78)
  • Fluorescent blue (2)
  • Silver (16)
Perler Beads are available just about anywhere, from your local craft supply store to your local Walmart, but they come in a plethora of sets, so be sure to choose a one with a variety of colors that best suits your theme.

Important steps on ironing your pattern:

  1. Print out your perler bead pattern and put it under or next to the pegboard. Look for the colors for your perler and insert them in the right pins.
  2. Put some baking paper on top of your pattern and start ironing it in a circular motion for a few seconds. When ironed properly, all beads will still have an open center.
  3. Let the design cool. Once cooled remove the baking paper and enjoy your perler bead creation.
Warning: Parents - the ironing must be done by an adult only. Some irons may emit steam. Please keep children at a safe distance.

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